Why travel to Goa India 

Why travel to Goa India 

Most tourists are of the opinion that Goa is not only for the beaches. There is so much more then  the shore and sand throughout the year. Once a Portuguese colony, the hippies made Goa the ultimate tourist destinations. Goa gained the official status of a Union Territory that brought along with it many urban developments in the place. Goa in its past and present form has immense influence on the mind of a foreign traveler. The carnivals, film festivals, river cruises, and sightseeing should not be left out of the India travel tour.
What is more significant from a holiday point point are the activities that the beaches have to offer making the vacation stand out from the rest. Apart from splashing on the waves, you will be enthralled with the various colonial museums, temples, churches, lakes, and water sports. Goa churches reflect the perfect blend of the Portuguese style of architecture with British designs.

The churches are pilgrimage centers during the Christmas month for Christians from across the world. Holidays in Goa, India can be ideal when you tour the place during Christmas. There will be exclusive markets selling home decors, Santa clothes, and gifts. The large bright stars at the entrance of the homes denote prosperity and happiness. Therefore, as you decide upon your tour itineraries, see that you have not limited yourself to the pristine beaches alone but also ventured out to discover more places in Goa.

Goa. holds a lot of appeal in its cities and historical places that today are an integral part of the attraction list. The Portuguese culture brought about several changes in the art forms, music, culinary, and the lifestyle of the Goan residents. The memorabilia of such changes is Panaji, the capital city of Goa. It is one of the premier places to visit with the Velha Goa suburb region hosting several attractions. The small coastal town called Vasco da Gama in honor of the famous explorer, who reached India, is perhaps the best place to see.

The excellent blend of the eastern and western cultures is better experienced in Goa than in any other place across the country. The necessary boost in tourism industry is the result of the acceptance of colonial infrastructure with modern facilities. Cruises, bars, clubs, and casinos entice the tourists during the evening, while the massive churches and their rich history keep them engaged in the daytime. The abundant palm groves and high cliffs give the picture-perfect backdrop to your holiday in Goa. Some of the top churches in Goa to tour during your vacation there include Chapel of St Francis Xavier, Basilica of Bom Jesus, and Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount.

A Goa tour can never be complete without you visiting the three old forts that presently are great locations for shooting a film. Aguada Fort tops the charts for the most visited with Chapora and Mormugao following.

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